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If you're looking for information about A1 and NVQ Assessor Training, you'll find outdated information. This is because it has been renamed to QCF Assessor Training. This is now the new qualification which will lead you to get an EDI Level 3 Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement.

What will You Get with this Certificate?
With this certificate, you will be qualified to make workbased assessments. In addition, you can also make assessments in a classroom setting.

This training is just about for any professional. This is because we have trained assessors located all over the UK in all professions and sectors. Our generic training can be applied to any sector, and it doesn't matter what your background and expertise are.

Content of the CourseThe course has three units namely the following:
  • Gain underpining knowledge and application of assessment
  • Evaluate job-related aptitude in the workplace
  • Evaluate occupational abilities, experience and understanding

Who is this Course for?
This is for any professional in any field of expertise who wants to become an assessor. You  can use experience or proficiency in a subject area. As long as you want to be an assessor, this course is for you. Our program usually runs for 6-12 months, also there's a fast-track program that you can opt to suit your personal circumstances.

How about Job Opportunities?
A simple search for job openings for assessors in a search engine will show you countless  job opportunities. It doesn't matter if you're looking for a full-time work, or if you're looking to do part-time freelance work. Companies are setting aside a huge chunk of their budget for training so the demands are rising even in these tough economic times. In addition, we offer job opportunities for cadidates on completion of their course.

How Much is the Cost of Training?
You can undergo the program and get a Level 3 Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement for only 750 + VAT.

How do We Conduct the Training?
The training is done remotely using a combination of several proven methods like the following:
  • Online lectures done via recorded videos
  • Course hand-outs
  • Weekly support via email given by your assessor assigned to you
  • Arranged  weekly lessons
  • Support provided via Skype and over the phone
What's the Process Like?
You will need to register for the program first. After finishing the registration process, you will be asked to make a payment for the program. You should also expect the workbooks along with the other training materials to be sent to you on completing registration.Once you've settled the payment, a tutor/assessors will be assigned to you. Your tutor will provide an induction over the phone.

You will be then expected to work your way through the course, making sure that you accomplish the weekly required submissions. Your tutor will be there for you to guide you all throughout the program, answering whatever questions you may have at designated days and time of the week. He or she will also provide weekly feedback.

In order for you to finish the training effectively and efficiently, your tutor will work with you one on one at your own pace.


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